Resin Bound Surfacing

Resin bound footpaths, driveways, patios, steps, walkways & car parks

Bespoke Resin Bound Driveways in Hull & Yorkshire

Trendline Systems Ltd are an established, premier and leading resin bound surfacing company working throughout the country. Although most of our recent resin bound work has been undertaken in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, we welcome resin bound surfacing contracts from further afield. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and have grown rapidly over the past year. All of our work is fully guaranteed.

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A Driveway Company you can Count On!

With our resin bound system, we can transform your tired and damaged driveway and give your entire house a dramatic facelift. Whether you are looking for a basic overlay on an existing surface or a full site excavation, we have the knowledge and skills to get the job done. We complete all work ourselves, that means we don’t use sub-contractors, and all of our resin surfaces are all laid to the resin manufacturer’s specification.

All our installations come with a 5 year guarantee and cover against:

  • Loose Stone
  • Cracking
  • UV degradation (We use UV stable resins)
  • Frost Damage
  • Workmanship

Resinbound Driveways, Footpaths, Patios & Steps

We undertake all types of resin bound installations from paths & patios to driveways and car parks. We offer a complete service at affordable prices. Here are just some of the resin bound installations we undertake across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the UK:

  • Resin bound footpaths
  • Resin bound driveways
  • Resin bound patios
  • Resin bound steps
  • Resin bound walkways
  • Resin bound car parks

Our resin bound installations can be customised in many ways. For example, single or multiple colours can be used to create borders, curves, patterns or even numbers and shapes. We also have an unlimited range of colours for bespoke, innovative designs. Just check out our image galleries to find out what you can achieve.

Benefits Of Our Resin Bound Surfacing

A resin bound surface offers a number of advantages:

  • It provides a smooth, long-lasting finish with no loose stones making it ideal for all applications i.e. disabled access, pushchairs, children and bicycles.
  • It is a full-thickness system with a minimum 12 mm thick and can be considerably thicker depending on aggregate size and application.
  • It has a long lifespan as the resin and the aggregates are specially selected for durability.
  • It can be laid very quickly.  For example a 2 man gang can lay 30 m² or more per hour and, with good weather conditions, a gang of 5 men would expect to cover 250 m² in a single day.
  • It can be used to overlay existing tired-looking surfaces.
  • It minimises puddles, ice and growth of mould and weeds. All it requires is a jet wash/hose down and sweep with a stiff brush. Alternatively, consider taking advantage of our annual Power Clean service.
  • Unique designs, logos and patterns can easily be incorporated.
  • There is a wide choice of aggregates available including rounded or crushed stone and tumbled coloured glass. Aggregates can be ‘blended’ to produce a particular shade or tone as required.
  • The finished surface is UV stable and is not affected by oil or fuel spillages.
  • Once set, the wearing course exhibits some flexibility enabling it to resist cracking.
  • It is wheelchair friendly.

A fully permeable surfacing solution

All our resin bound systems are fully permeable to air and water. This makes it ideal when laid over our permeable binder base coat system and creates a Sustainable Urban Drainage system [SUDs]. This means that a hard landscape can be created without the need for planning permission.

When excavating an area ready for a fully SUDS compliant resin bound system it is essential that all preparation is done methodically to the correct specification using quality materials and the correct equipment. At Trendline Systems Ltd we only use the best materials and our methodical approach leaves little room for error. We believe and have proven that getting every aspect of the base coat and preparation right not only adds up to a stunningly attractive driveway but one that will stand the test of time.